Josh Sauerman Creative Director
When I was kid on a family trip to Walt Disney World, I watched, spellbound, as a Disney animator drew cells of young Simba. As he flipped the pages back and forth, giving life to the lines, I stood there transfixed, knowing that something would come from that moment.
So I got a math degree.
I love being challenged, taking on new ideas, new disciplines, and new skills. I love discovering how different fields overlap, sit in tension, and blend together in new and exciting ways.
In my career, I've had the pleasure of bringing stories to life across different mediums for millions of people around the world, combining creative ideas with cutting-edge technologies. As a visual artist with a background in mathematics, I specialize in harmonizing left-and right-brain thinking, guiding collaborations between creative and technical teams to push the limits of guest expectations to new, unique, and memorable places. 
My wife, Emily, and I live in Nashville, Tennessee, with our daughters, Elizabeth and Abigail, and our dog, Archie.

Contact Me
Thank you for reaching out to me! I'll be in contact with you soon.-Josh Sauerman