Meet Atom, the world's most advanced human animatronic figure, designed as a customizable platform for interchangeable exteriors. One day, Atom could be a pirate, and the next day a superhero. In Shanghai he could be a movie star, and in Pennsylvania he could deliver the Gettysburg address. Atom includes built-in compliance, unbelievable control and fidelity of motion, and engineering able to withstand the massive cycle counts of theme parks and live attractions.

As Creative Director though this ambitious design project, I worked closely with mechanical engineers, controls engineers, and digital designers to develop the figure scope, pushing the envelope of figure range and capability, and then supervising the design from start to finish.

We presented Atom the IAAPA convention in Orlando for which I developed an award-winning booth: managing development of the show script, overseeing design and layout, producing media, hiring and directing voice talent, and leading a diverse team of animators and technicians.
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