Match With Max
2019 - IAAPA

Say hello to Li'l Max, your friend in a fun interactive mixed-media card matching game, presented at the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions) show in 2019. Players stand in front of a large interactive screen, with a table of cards in front of them. Max quickly whips out one or two cards of his own, giving you a few moments to find the matches and hold them up. If you succeed, the game continues, with less and less time for you to match. If you fail, Max is disappointed but invites you to play again!
I led the concept, design, and development of this game, which was created with Autodesk Maya, a Microsoft Kinect, and the Unity game engine. Utilizing over 40 custom animations, it was programmed and deployed in one month and was a big hit, with guests playing for hours trying to set a new high score.
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